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The secret of our low prices is that our driver will turn over three or four jobs in the day.

Please make sure you have everything packed before the driver arrives in sensibly sized boxes and bags which you can lift yourself.

If you have a lot of stuff or a lot of stairs, ask a friend to help.

Intransit will arrive exactly on time and will drop you off where you want to be after the move.

Remember we don't charge by the hour, only by the van load so it still costs the same to move you and your flat mates too as long as everything fits in a Citroen Berlingo and everyone is there to help.

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How Big Are Our Vans?

The carrying space in our Citroen Berlingo vans is 1.65m long, 1.14m high and 1.35m wide.

Picture this: You could lie down in the back (just). If you kneel down your head would be at the roof and you could touch both sides with an outstretched arm and the opposite elbow.

There are seats for two passengers in addition to the driver.